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Nuerma Science

Nuerma Science Tea Tree Essential Oil - 15ml

Nuerma Science Tea Tree Essential Oil - 15ml

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Unleash the power of nature with Nuerma Science Tea Tree Essential Oil, a 15ml bottle of pure botanical vitality. Sourced from the leaves of the tea tree, this essential oil is renowned for its versatility and natural goodness. Tea Tree oil, celebrated for its potent properties, is your gateway to holistic wellness and a healthier lifestyle.

  • Natural Cleansing
  • Skin Savior
  • Hair and Scalp Health
  • Respiratory Relief


  • Skin Sensitivity: Tea Tree Essential Oil is generally safe for most skin types, but it can be potent. Always dilute it with a carrier oil when applying to the skin, especially if you have sensitive skin. Perform a patch test to check for any adverse reactions.
  • Consult a Professional: If you are pregnant, nursing, or have a medical condition, consult with a healthcare professional before using essential oils.
  • Keep Out of Reach of Children: Store in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight. Ensure the bottle is tightly sealed when not in use, and keep it out of reach of children and pets.
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  • Natural Cleansing: Tea Tree Essential Oil is a natural powerhouse for cleansing. It possesses antimicrobial properties that can help combat bacteria, fungi, and viruses. Use it as a natural alternative for purifying your surroundings.
  • Skin Savior: This essential oil is a beloved skincare solution. It can help soothe and cleanse the skin, making it an excellent choice for addressing acne, blemishes, and other skin concerns.
  • Hair and Scalp Health: Tea Tree oil promotes a healthy scalp and hair. It can help manage dandruff, reduce itchiness, and support overall hair health.
  • Respiratory Relief: Inhalation of Tea Tree oil vapor can help ease respiratory discomfort and clear airways. It is a popular choice during the cold and flu season.

For Natural Cleansing:

  1. Add a few drops of Tea Tree Essential Oil to water in a spray bottle.
  2. Use it as a natural surface cleaner, air freshener, or fabric refresher to maintain a clean and purifying environment.

For Skincare:

  1. Dilute a few drops of Tea Tree Essential Oil with a carrier oil (such as jojoba or coconut oil) in a 1:1 ratio.
  2. Apply the mixture to the affected area for targeted skincare benefits.

For Hair and Scalp:

  1. Add a few drops of Tea Tree Essential Oil to your shampoo or conditioner.
  2. Massage into your scalp and hair, then rinse thoroughly for a refreshing haircare experience.

For Respiratory Relief:

  1. Add 2-3 drops of Tea Tree Essential Oil to a bowl of steaming hot water.
  2. Lean over the bowl, covering your head with a towel, and inhale the steam to ease respiratory discomfort.

100% Pure & Natural Ingredients


GMP Certified

GMO Free

Paraben Free

Cruelty Free

100% Natural

Derma tested

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